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Eyelash Extensions make your eyes look naturally fuller, thicker, and longer. Lavish Lashes should always be applied by a professional who is certified and trained to assure proper application and maintenance. (518) 897-6532

Lavish Lashes Eyelash Extensions

What are Lavish Lashes?

Lavish Lashes are individual synthetic eyelashes attached directly to your natural lashes by professional application. They are designed to look, feel, and function like natural eyelashes, and can even eliminate the need to use mascara because of their fuller natural look.

The extensions are not glued to your skin but are attached with a special formulated bonding agent to the roots of your natural lashes. Lavish Lashes are so small and lightweight that you can’t feel them. Katherine offers a variety of different extensions to match your eyelash type and style. Different colors can also add a little blue, green, or light brown to your eyelashes to make your eyes really pop.

What happens after the application of Lavish Lashes?

  • After the application it is recommended to wait 12 hours for the adhesive to really cure. After 12 hours you can shower, swim, and workout as you normally would with no worries.
  • Lavish Lash Extensions are a semi-permanent lash that lasts from 4 − 6 weeks. The average cycle of a single lash is 90 days and depends on the life cycle of your natural lashes. When you shed your natural lashes your extension goes with it. It is important to come in every 2 − 3 weeks for a regular fill as your natural eyelashes shed.

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