Hair Coloring − Saranac Lake, Adirondacks NY

Katherine has been coloring hair for more than ten years, both maintaining colors and creating whole new styles. (518) 897-6532

Hair Coloring, Saranac Lake NY

Finding the Right Color

Maybe you want to go lighter or darker but deciding which shade to go and deciding on which highlights seems impossible. Do you want to go to the root, something more ombre, balayage? Katherine helps determine the best options for you. As a hairstylist, she respects the health, strength, and condition of your hair. From an artist perspective, coloring hair often offers a unique chance to work with a blank canvas, providing the opportunity to create a whole new look or a custom designed color.

Color Maintenance

Knowing how to care for your colored hair is crucial but often goes overlooked. A lot of people think their new color will last forever on its own. It won’t. Katherine will help you come up with a maintenance schedule to keep your look fresh.

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