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Everyone is searching to capture that flawless and younger look. Airbrush makeup goes on evenly and precisely. It is the perfect tool to make you look your best. (518) 897-6532

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Lightweight and Thin Makeup

Airbrush Makeup is a very lightweight and thin makeup applied to the face (and body) by a special air-gun machine, a technique where the makeup artist never has to touch the skin. Katherine uses a layered-technique by starting with a light application and then completing one layer at a time until the desired coverage is achieved. The layer technique employs opaque coverage, allowing your own skin-color to show through. The foundation mimics and blends with your skin’s natural pigmentation to deliver a natural look with a flawless pixilated matte coverage − and an even distribution of makeup.

Full Coverage

Airbrush Makeup is hypoallergenic and helps diminish the appearance of facial lines and scars. It even provides full coverage of redness, bruising, tattoos, acne, or any other skin problems. It is perfect for a wedding day, fashion show, stage performance, or a night on the town. It has become a preferred option for bridal parties because it is durable and unmatched in appearance.

Application Notes

Due to the fact that it does not color-run and dries on contact, if it is improperly applied there can be serious damage, a certified makeup artist should apply Airbrush Makeup. There are different levels of wear in the Dinair Line Katherine uses. The makeup can last between 12 − 48 hours. The result is a durable, breathable, rub-resistant finish lasting from morning to night with no need for touch-ups.

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